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PEC is a Lafayette based company with employees who have served the Louisiana area for over 10 years in the environmental consulting industry. We offer a wide range of services including Industrial Hygiene, Indoor Air Quality, Environmental Testing, Consulting, and Project Management. Many companies in the Lafayette area offer mold sampling.  We are set apart from those companies in that we offer a clear interpretation of results, as well as an accurate and in-depth scope of work for remediation of any issues.  We strive for a holistic approach to not only treat problems, but to prevent them from occurring again in future through educating our clients on how to maintain good indoor air quality and a safe environment to live and work in.  



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indoor air quality assessment

Indoor Air Quality, commonly known as IAQ, refers to the quality of air in homes and buildings.  Not only is air quality related to the comfort of those occupying a space, but it is also directly related to health.  Many common pollutants are often identified in the air that we breathe indoors.  Understanding and controlling these pollutants can help to prevent or reduce the risks of poor indoor air quality.  Some common pollutants include Radon, secondhand smoke, combustion pollutants such as fumes from heaters, stoves, and fireplaces, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) off-gasing from common household items such as paints, cleaning supplies, pesticides, and air fresheners, and of course molds, mites, and pet dander.  These pollutants can cause a wide array of health concerns including headaches, fatigue, trouble concentrating, irritation of the eyes, nose, throat and lungs, as well as some diseases such as asthma and even lung cancers.  We offer complete indoor air quality assessments in order to identify any concerns that may be present and create a thorough plan of action in order to remediate these concerns.

Mold testing

Mold is part of our natural environment and is commonly found outdoors as well as indoors.  Although these fungi are native to the outdoor environment, it is less common to have them in the indoor environment, and can be problematic if they begin to grow and colonize.  The best way to control indoor mold growth is to regulate moisture.  It is also worth mentioning that not all molds are created equal in terms of health hazard.  Certain molds emit substances called Mycotoxins, which can be hazardous to human health by causing sickness and disease.  These molds are rare in the indoor environment, but if they are present, quick identification and remediation can restore a healthy environment. At PEC, we seek to not only identify mold, but to provide a plan of action to remediate it and to prevent its return by educating clients on methods to reduce moisture in the home or office, regulate temperature and air flow properly, and other methods by which to combat fungi from taking up residence in the indoor environment.

asbestos testing

Asbestos is a naturally occuring mineral that crystalizes into long, thin fibers.  Deposits of asbestos are mined commercially in several locations around the world, and the fibers are used to produce many products due to their strength, fire resistance, insulating value, availability, and low cost.  

Some of these products include fireproofing materials, cement products, asphalt, vinyl, roofing felts, exterior siding, floor tile, joint compounds, adhesives, and plaster.   OSHA and the EPA regulate some of the uses of asbestos, and monitor and regulate the construction industry in removal, alteration, repair and maintenance of asbestos containing materials, however, there is NO all out ban on the mining, use, or sale of the product.  Asbestos has been linked to several diseases, to include Asbestosis, Mesothelioma, and Lung Cancer.  At PEC, we recommend the testing of suspect materials before they are disturbed during remediation, restoration, renovations, or additions to structures.  We offer not only testing, but a complete written plan for abatement.

lead testing

Lead is a serious concern for humans, especially children.  Preventing exposure and potential poisoning is important in homes, offices, and other buildings such as schools and hospitals. One of the major sources of lead exposure is lead-based paints, especially if it is old, peeling, or flaking.  Lead Abatement and Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) are regulated activities that require testing to confirm the presence or absence of lead-based paint. When in doubt, and especially if the structure was built before 1978, testing is a must.  PEC can test the paint in question in order to help better guide abatement and RRP activities.

building material & content evaluation

Often, stains and spots appear on indoor and outdoor building materials such as lumber and siding, as well as on stored contents such as clothes, books, leather goods, and even wood and fabric furnitures.  Let us help you to determine if there are potential problems with mold and mildew, and whether or not your items can be simply cleaned, or if they would be better off to be disposed of.

consulting & Project management

Already know that you have mold?  If there is visible microbial growth in your home or office, testing is not always necessary, but a clear and concise scope of work in order to sanitize or remediate is a must.  Improper containment, cleaning, and airflow regulation during cleaning, sanitizing, or remediation efforts only serves to compound the original problem, as mold spores can be inadvertently spread to other areas.  PEC specializes in the development of remediation protocols to insure that whether the project is do-it-yourself or done by a licensed contractor, proper measures and techniques are used to insure good results.





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